Motorbike Chook at 59.9yrs

I hadn’t ridden a motor bike for 40 yrs when, I rode a green Suzuki 250cc Hustler as my commuter transport to work. Those nurses who road bikes at the Repat Hosp road 350cc Honda ‘s. I chose the Suzi because it was lighter and easier to hold upright stationary while the Honda was just that bit  heavier for me.

At 59yrs almost 60 I didn’t dream of riding again let alone owning my own bike. However,  I am now a very proud owner of a Yamaha VStar 650cc classic black cruiser. Owning and riding my very much loved Yammy all came about by making a throw away line to my husband with no conviction on a day I was his pillion passenger – which was becoming a frequent w/end activity. Stan’s reply was, “I’ll buy you a bike for your 60th”.

Just the thought of riding again made my heart race not with glee but with trepidation – telling myself I don’t really want to do this.” BUT, being the proverbial shopper I went looking at bikes found one I could control sitting on it with leg length to spare. I also thought a 650cc would only go as fast as I let it so decided on a 650cc instead of another 250cc. This sounds all very sudden but this happened over several months before actually,shopping, ordering and delivery. Then there was the added mental trauma of thinking of  getting a learners permit. Followed by more mental strain and fear booking into and participating in STAY UPRIGHT TWO DAY learners school.

Well, SURPRISE SURPRISE I came away with my learners permit on the final day – mind you, I had to have 2 goes at it on the day because I stalled my bike during the test – for the first time during the training – old Murphy was there beside me -cost me an extra $25.

Anyway I still had a lot of learning on handling a motorbike and still do but each day I learn something from my riding and each day I feel more in control with greater enjoyment. I just hope with this I do not become complacent nor feel I know it all. I do laugh at myself and berate myself too. Stan and I have fun and when I say “fun” it comes in so many guises.

The little things I  have learned each day I will post next time.

Any other NewOldies out there?

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